Modified Polymer Components
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Components To Your Specifications


Modified Polymer Components is a highly responsive and reliable development and manufacturing service, with trust built over years doing what others see as impossible.

Medical device OEMs rely on Modified Polymer Components to improve assembly processes for their new and existing products.

Modifications can be performed to off-the-shelf plastic components, common in many medical devices. Plastics machining processes include hole-drilling, skiving, feature creation and resizing. Custom silicon parts are available at low cost and quick turnaround.

Product Improvement And Custom Modifications

Through a proprietary RF molding process, Modified Polymer Components can tip and flare any thermoplastic. In fact, the majority of our tooling and processing equipment is proprietary, made in-house to perform specific tasks to exact specifications. Outsourcing is kept to a minimum for cost efficiency, quality control and IP confidentiality. We have developed close relationships with EDM and CNC specialists to fulfill any requirements that can’t be met in-house.

Our capabilities include manufacturing of wire reinforced tubing, product improvement and custom modifications to existing components. Our production staff handles electrical assembly work, including soldering, assembly and testing. Electrical assemblies are produced that utilize soldering stations, fume hoods, potting equipment and testing operations. Multiple machines are in place for wire reinforced products that can be spiral wound and braided.

Tubing Products And Services

Our Endoliner® wire reinforced tubing product line is comprised of PTFE tubes, wire reinforced for greater kink resistance and flexibility. Endoliners are available off the shelf in sizes ranging from 1.0 mm to 4.2 mm, with custom lengths and diameters available for specialized OEM applications.

Precision tube-cutting services are provided with manual and automated cutting equipment. In our industrial manufacturing areas we conduct operations that cannot be done in our controlled environments, like hole drilling, grinding, swaging and other “dirty” processes including the use of flux and grinding of insulation.

Modified Polymer ComponentsImproving Process Development

Our technicians, operators and engineering teams work on improving processdevelopment,refining basic processes, increasing volume efforts and machine de-bugging. Development bench activity can be transferred into an adjacent white room to make pilot production parts.

Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing fulfillment is available as required by our customers. These are added results of our continual, company-wide drive for lean efficiencies wherever they can be achieved.