Modified Polymer Components
ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485:2003 Certified
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Manufacturing On Any Production Scale

Modified Polymer Components performs modifications of any complexity to custom and off-the-shelf medical device polymer components including flaring, flanging, joining, tipping, coating, cutting, drilling, skiving and gluing. We scale manufacturing cost effectively for world-class components in limited to large quantities.

We have worked with some customers for over 20 years, from start up volumes scaled with market demand to volumes in excess of 3 million units per year. Modified Polymer Components does tube forming and bending operations and micromolding of FEP cannulas in various configurations for all of the top OEMs.

Low To High Volume Production

Production volumes go from 5 a month for start-ups and inventors to 50,000 a week for moderately high volume, well established OEMs. Higher volume products have work cells that are fully optimized for efficiency and consistent high quality. Shorter run products can be setup and taken down in less than 30 minutes, allowing OEMs to aggressively accelerate their delivery of product revisions.

All manufacturing is done in controlled environments operating within
F ISO class 100,000 standards or better. Our production staff includes 5 manufacturing engineers, 5 lead technicians, 5 technicians, 2 supervisors and 70-80 assembly experts. There are more than 100 programmable logic controlled (PLC) work stations staffed with highly trained manufacturing personnel.

Experienced Personnel

Our production personnel are very experienced and have done literally thousands of different low and high volume projects in the past. Every individual that is part of the MPC team understands the importance of the group and the product that he or she manufactures.

Our staff of engineers, machinists and drafts-people work alongside customers to facilitate every aspect of manufacturing cycles, and allow rapid market entry of products. The process is supported by regular inspections of every aspect of manufacturing to ensure unsurpassed quality control and timely delivery.

Modified Polymer ComponentsExceeding Customer Expectations

Since its founding in 1989, Modified Polymer Components has grown into an ISO 9001/13485 registered contract manufacturer with over 150 employees that have served more than 2,000 customers.

All components and developments are American made. We have the honor of being a "dock to stock" vendor for many of our customers. We continually seek input from our customers to more fully exceed their expectations.