Modified Polymer Components
ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485:2003 Certified
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Our Team in Collaboration With Yours

Our team works in collaboration with yours to envision, design and produce pilot projects for manufacturing.

Our design and development capabilities are complemented by our small and large scale production capability.

Modified Polymer Components is a highly responsive and reliable development and manufacturing service of custom plastic components for medical device OEMs. Our trust in the medical device industry is built over years doing what others see as impossible.

Modifications Of Any Complexity

Modified Polymer Components specializes in the design, rapid prototyping and manufacture of reliable, highly precise polymer components, performing modifications of any complexity to custom and off-the-shelf plastic components. We are experienced in thermoplastic geometries, and can micro-mold to tolerances as low as +/-0.0005.

We are capable of making many different modifications to all types of polymer tubing, as well as custom modifications to existing components. We work with a wide range of polymer materials, and can tip and flare any thermoplastic, including LDPE, HDPE, PVC, Nylon, Pebax, Pellethane, Polycarbonate, FEP, PFA, PTFE, PEEK, ULTEM and composites.

Product Development

Modified Polymer Components will guide development of your new product from concept to full scale production. We have set aside dedicated space in our production facilities open to your designers to aid in the engineering of new designs in an actual manufacturing environment.

We can provide completely equipped product development workspaces for OEMs to collaborate with our engineers in an actual manufacturing setting. These include a large portable clean room for quality control, testing and assembly, multiple white rooms for medical device component assembly, and two R&D environments to facilitate product improvement, problem solving and design.

22 Years Experience, Excellence And Service

Prototypes are fully tested for compliance with your production standards, and with integrating new components into efficient, approaching zero defects assembly processes. During the prototyping process, our engineers are able to anticipate manufacturing requirements to discover and solve potential problems before production begins.

We invite medical device OEMs to put our 22 years experience, excellence and service to work on your next device design, and to improve the assembly processes employed on your existing products. From concept to production, partner with a trusted components manufacturer committed to customer success.