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Innovation For Complex Technical Challenges

Modified Polymer Components routinely performs modifications to custom and off-the-shelf polymer medical device components, including flaring, flanging, joining, tipping, coating, cutting, drilling, skiving and gluing.

We work with a wide range of polymer materials, and can tip and flare any thermoplastic, including LDPE, HDPE,
PVC, Nylon, Pebax, Pellethane, Polycarbonate, FEP, PFA, PTFE, PEEK, ULTEM and composites.





MPCHighest Quality And Consistency

We custom modify off-the-shelf plastic components including coextrusions, paratubing, single and multilayer multilumen extrusions, reinforced tubing and specialty forms to meet and exceed requirements with the highest quality and consistency.

Capabilities include tipping, flaring, hole drilling, marker band placement, reinforced tubing, printing, electrode MPC assembly, and component level assemblies. We are skilled in micromolding, reinforced shafts, introducers, obturators, electrical assembly and tube bending with all thermoplastics and many metals.



From Concept To Production

MPCOur trust in the medical device industry is built over years doing what others see as impossible. We continually seek customer input to more fully exceed their expectations. We have worked with some customers for over 20 years, from start up volumes scaled with market demand to volumes in excess of 3 million units per year.

Our product development processes are fully documented from initial prototypes and
MPCpilot production to full-scale manufacturing. Our procedures support IQ,
OQ and PQ documentation.