Modified Polymer Components
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Materials In All Shapes And Sizes

Modified Polymer Components works with a wide range of polymer materials. Typically these are thermoplastics, including all medical grade thermoplastic materials. Occasionally these include thermosets and also elastomers. All materials engaged and manufacturing processes employed are fully documented for traceability and validation.

We can assist with material selection to meet virtually any application requirement. You can see a list of the more typical materials we are experienced with on this page.

Highest Quality And Consistency

Modified Polymer Components specializes in the design, rapid prototyping and manufacture of reliable, highly precise polymer components for Medical Device OEMs, as well as companies in the electronics, aerospace, biotech, semiconductor and otherrelated industries. We can meet virtually any application challenge with proven technical expertise, efficiency and quality.

We custom modify off-the-shelf plastic components including coextrusions, paratubing, single and multilayer multilumen extrusions, reinforced tubing and specialty forms to meet and exceed requirements with the highest quality and consistency.


Tight Tolerance And High Precision

Our capabilities include bonding of dissimilar materials, flaring and complex forming to precise specifications. Through a proprietary RF molding process, Modified Polymer Components can tip any thermoplastic tubing in virtually any off-the-shelf configuration. Additional capabilities include marking, marker band placement, gluing, hole drilling, skiving, joining and flanging, with tight tolerance and high precision.

All manufacturing is done in controlled environments operating within ISO class 100,000 standards or better. Our materials, technology and processes are rigorously controlled for product consistency. Incoming and outgoing QC ensure the quality of incoming materials and outgoing products for
our customers.



Some of the plastics we
work with include:

PTFE (Teflon)
Polycarbonate (Lexan)
Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, MDPE)

... and many others,
just contact us and ask.