Modified Polymer Components
ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 13485:2003 Certified
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Modified Polymer Components
Plastic Components Design & Manufacturing

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified Modified Polymer Components supports inventors, start-ups and OEMs by manufacturing custom components and
assemblies at its Sunnyvale, California development
and manufacturing facility.

Modified Polymer Components specializes in the design, rapid prototyping and manufacture of reliable, highly precise polymer components for
Medical Device OEMs, as well as companies in the electronics, aerospace, biotech, semiconductor and other related industries with plastics needs.

Since our founding in 1989, we have grown to over 150 employees that have served more than 2,000 customers. Through ongoing efforts in research and continuing education, our staff maintains the highest level of skills, knowledge and professionalism found anywhere in the industry.

We actively produce products for 20-40 different customers daily. Care is taken to keep competitive products separate to maintain confidentiality and IP while utilizing our common knowledge base to make superior products, enabling competitive customers the ability to focus on their technology while leveraging our expertise.

All components and developments are American made. We have the honor of being a "dock to stock" vendor for many of our customers.

Modified Polymer Components remains a closely knit “Management By Walking Around” company. Every individual that is part of the MPC team understands the importance of the group and the product that he or she manufactures.

Any Size, Any Complexity, Any Tolerance

Modified Polymer Components design engineers and production specialists excel at performing modifications of any complexity to custom and off-the-shelf plastic components including flaring, flanging, joining, tipping, coating, cutting, drilling, skiving and gluing.

We focus on secondary operations for all types of polymer tubing, including complex multi-lumen extrusions, to create ramps, tips and most any imaginable feature. We are capable of making many different very precise modifications to all types of polymer tubing, as well as custom modifications to existing components.mpc

Capabilities include tipping, flaring, hole drilling, marker band placement, reinforced tubing, printing, electrode assembly, and component level assemblies. We are skilled in micromolding, reinforced shafts, introducers, obturators, electrical assembly and tube bending with all thermoplastics and many metals.Modified Polymer

Modified Polymer Components can scale manufacturing cost effectively, so OEMs can create world-class components in limited to large quantities for their customers.

Custom Plastic Components For Medical Device OEMs

Modified Polymer Components is a highly responsive and reliable development and manufacturing service of custom mpcplastic components for medical device OEMs.

Our trust in the medical device industry is built over years doing what others see
as impossible.

We continually seek customer input to more fully exceed their expectations. We regularly conduct tours of our facility for customers and potential customers. Medical device OEMs are invited to call Modified Polymer Components for consultation on product development and improvement, prototyping and manufacturing of polymer components.MPC

We invite customers to join us in active discussion to challenge their engineering objectives. We invite medical device OEMs to put our 22 years experience, excellence and service to work on your next device design, and to improve the assembly processes employed on your existing products.

From concept to production, partner with a trusted components manufacturer committed to
customer success.



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